We are more than just a sending agency.

 Our heart is to equip believers to reach the lost, wherever they are. Not only do we send teams to share the gospel all over the world, we train them to be disciple-makers wherever they are. We believe that going is just one aspect of being obedient. To truly fulfill the Great Commission from Matthew 28, we must make disciples no matter where we are. Our trip participants come home with not only a new worldview, but a Kingdom mentality that trickles into their workplace, school, and relationships. 



We believe that a short-term mission mindset is the foundation on which a truly missional lifestyle sits. 

There's no doubt that short-term missions (STM) have been stigmatized. So why do we continue to choose focusing on them? Southeastern Theological Seminary’s George Robinson says, "Paul, it seems, was a long-term missionary who, like Jesus, executed through short-term strategies. It is widely accepted that Paul seldom stayed longer than a few months or even weeks in a single location, with a few notable exceptions in Ephesus (possibly 2.5 years) and Corinth (possibly 1.5 years).” 

That's what we hope to create through Crossroads Missions: long-term missionaries with short-term strategies.

We are presented with STM opportunities everyday! Our lives are full of them. Every person we meet creates an opportunity for the gospel to be shared. We believe that Jesus himself had this mentality. This allowed him to be flexible, and more importantly, guided by his Father’s will. And with the world being more connected than ever before, the possibilities for STM have never been more limitless.

Without a short-term approach to our everyday lives as disciples of Jesus, we could never be long-term missionaries. At the end of the day, we are all called to be lifelong missionaries by being willing to embark each day upon the mission God has set before us, to share His love and create disciples.